Bubble Development & Consulting

I’ve been building on Bubble since 2017 - and have owned and operated several large-scale successful apps built on the platform.

I’m the owner and operator of UserLoop - a successful Shopify SaaS app built entirely on Bubble. I’ve written extensively about building and scaling software on Bubble in this newsletter - check out some of my back issues!

If you're on the lookout for assistance with planning, building, or scaling your Bubble application, look no further! I offer comprehensive consulting services and am readily available for dedicated build projects.

My expertise spans multiple areas, including:

  • Strategic Application Planning & Design: Turning ideas into workable plans and visually compelling designs.

  • Wireframing & User Journeys: Developing user-centric wireframes and user journeys that enhance user experience and increase engagement.

  • Database Structure & Design: Crafting efficient, scalable, and secure database structures that align with your specific needs.

  • API Integrations: Seamlessly integrating APIs to unlock new capabilities for your application.

  • OpenAI Integration with Bubble: Utilizing the power of AI to enhance your Bubble application and provide a cutting-edge user experience.

  • Optimizing WU Usage: Maximizing the performance of your Bubble app while keeping the WU usage optimized.

  • Custom API Development: Building tailor-made APIs that perfectly fit your application requirements.

  • Third-party Database Integrations: Syncing with third-party databases such as Tinybird, Xano, and Supabase to expand your app's capabilities.

Looking forward to transforming your Bubble application and helping it reach its fullest potential! Let's get in touch, you can reach me on Twitter, LinkedIn or by filling out this form.